Judy Bryan
Children's Book Author


Hi! I’m Judy.


Hi! I’m Judy.


I have always loved to read.

Reading is a way to explore new worlds, solve tantalizing mysteries, learn about ancient civilizations, and walk in the shoes of people you’ve never met. The books I read as a child instilled a life-long love of learning and fostered a natural curiosity about the world. I still question everything and love searching for the answers. 

I was born, raised, and still live in Madison, Wisconsin, with my husband, Kent, and three furry kids ~ loveable dog, Boomer, and two mischievous cats, Simba and Nala. Kent and I also have three adult children who we read to daily when they were little. It brought back my love of children’s books and gave me the spark to write my own.

I have four siblings ~ two sisters and two brothers. One of those brothers is my twin, Jeff. We are not identical. We are not even similar. In fact, we couldn’t be more opposite. He’s blonde, I’m a redhead. He’s athletic, I’m a bookworm. I love him anyway.

Growing up, my parents had a cottage on a lake and I spent many summer days reading on the pier while my brother swam, fished and waterskied. I still have a cottage on a lake and I still love to read on the pier. It is also my favorite place to write.

I always have a tall stack of books in a to-be-read pile, and I visit the library at least once a week. Libraries are magical places from the stacks to the smell of all those wonderful books! So many adventures waiting to be discovered.

I hope you love to read, too!

Me and my twin brother, Jeff, age 3.

Me and my twin brother, Jeff, age 3.


There is no such thing as too many books. We need more bookcases!
— Me, to my husband.


Fun facts about me.

·      I can’t draw, not even stick figures. Sad, but true.

·      I read every day.

·      As a child I read anything I could get my hands on . . . books, comics, magazines, the tube of Crest toothpaste, which I could read as well as TV advertisers.

·      I love forts. Tree forts in the summer, leaf forts in the fall, snow forts in the winter, and blanket forts anytime!

·      My favorite childhood reading spot was the fort in the bottom of my closet, complete with fluffy blankets, plump pillows, and a flashlight.

·      I count money, deal cards and shoot pool left-handed because my dad was left-handed and taught me how to do those things.

·      I love to watch storms, especially ones with lots of thunder and lightning. FLASH . . . KA-BOOM!